10 Best Places to Celebrate Bastille Day in Paris

I have had the privilege of exploring the magnificent city of Paris on Bastille Day. This annual commemoration of French independence is a joyous occasion filled with vibrant festivities, fireworks, and a true sense of national pride. In this insider’s guide, I will take you on a journey through the 10 best places to celebrate Bastille Day in Paris, sharing personal anecdotes and real-life examples to make your experience engaging, concrete, and unforgettable.

Champs de Mars

Front Row to the Fireworks Extravaganza: There’s no better place to kick off the list than the iconic Champs de Mars. This vast green expanse, stretching from the Eiffel Tower to the École Militaire, offers a front-row seat to the breathtaking fireworks display. I remember joining the enthusiastic crowd, spreading out a picnic blanket, and eagerly awaiting the colorful explosions that painted the night sky in a mesmerizing symphony of lights.

Place de la Bastille

Embracing the Revolutionary Spirit: For a truly immersive experience, head to the historic heart of the French Revolution, Place de la Bastille. This symbolic square is where the infamous Bastille prison once stood. Today, it serves as a gathering point for spirited celebrations. Join the locals as they dance to live music, enjoy street performances, and revel in the atmosphere of freedom and unity. Standing in the very spot that sparked the revolution is a poignant reminder of the significance of this day.

Seine River

Floating Celebrations and Stunning Views: To witness the festivities from a different perspective, embark on a boat cruise along the Seine River. The flowing waters offer a unique vantage point, allowing you to enjoy the fireworks while gliding under the beautifully illuminated bridges. I recall the enchanting experience of sailing past iconic landmarks like Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Louvre, as the night sky exploded with bursts of color above.


An Artistic Celebration on Sacred Ground: Montmartre, the bohemian neighborhood beloved by artists and dreamers, offers a whimsical ambiance for Bastille Day celebrations. As you wander through its winding streets and quaint cafes, you’ll encounter lively street performances, impromptu concerts, and a contagious joie de vivre. From the steps of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, I marveled at the panoramic view of Paris, feeling a sense of unity and camaraderie with fellow revelers.

Trocadéro Gardens

A Photographic Paradise: Photography enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Trocadéro Gardens, located opposite the Eiffel Tower. This carefully manicured green space provides a stunning backdrop for capturing the iconic landmark and the fireworks spectacle. I vividly remember setting up my tripod, adjusting the camera settings, and capturing breathtaking long-exposure shots that beautifully encapsulated the magic of the moment.

Rooftop Bars

Celebrate in Style with a View: For those seeking a more upscale and glamorous celebration, Paris offers an array of rooftop bars that provide a sophisticated setting and panoramic views. From the luxurious Le Perchoir to the chic Terrass Hotel, these elevated venues offer a glamorous atmosphere and the opportunity to sip champagne while enjoying the fireworks extravaganza from above. It’s an experience that combines indulgence with breathtaking vistas.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Picnic Bliss in a Picturesque Setting: Escape the bustling city streets and head to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Paris. This sprawling park, with its lush greenery, romantic bridges, and tranquil lake, provides an idyllic setting for a Bastille Day picnic. I remember spreading out a blanket under the shade of a tree, surrounded by the joyful chatter of families and friends. As the sun began to set, the anticipation grew, and when the fireworks lit up the sky, the park transformed into a magical wonderland of colors and laughter.

Canal Saint-Martin

A Quirky and Festive Atmosphere: For a more offbeat and local experience, head to Canal Saint-Martin. This vibrant neighborhood comes alive on Bastille Day with street parties, live music, and a contagious energy. Join the locals as they gather along the banks of the canal, sharing drinks, laughter, and a sense of community. I recall immersing myself in the lively atmosphere, dancing under the stars, and feeling the pulse of Parisian joie de vivre.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Serenity and Celebration: Jardin du Luxembourg, a beloved park in the heart of Paris, offers a unique blend of serenity and celebration on Bastille Day. As you wander through the meticulously maintained gardens, you’ll stumble upon impromptu picnics, music performances, and locals playing traditional French games like pétanque. I remember savoring a delicious baguette while watching children sail miniature boats in the park’s grand fountain, creating a scene straight out of a storybook.

Île Saint-Louis

Intimate Charm and Fireworks Delight: To experience Bastille Day in a more intimate and charming setting, make your way to Île Saint-Louis. This small island in the heart of Paris offers a picturesque backdrop for celebrations. As the evening unfolds, join locals and visitors alike as they gather on the riverbanks, savoring delicious ice cream from Berthillon while eagerly awaiting the fireworks display. The proximity to the historic city center creates a magical ambiance, and the stunning reflections on the Seine River add an extra layer of beauty to the experience.


Bastille Day in Paris is a celebration of history, culture, and unity. By exploring these 10 best places to celebrate in the city, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities and create lasting memories. Whether you choose to marvel at the fireworks from Champs de Mars, join the artistic spirit of Montmartre, or enjoy a rooftop soirée, each location offers a unique perspective and an opportunity to be part of the city’s collective joy. So, mark your calendars, prepare your picnic baskets, and get ready to celebrate Bastille Day in the enchanting streets of Paris.

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