Camp Adventure, a Great Zipline and Aerial Adventure Park in Denmark

Nestled in the lush forests of Zealand, Denmark, is Camp Adventure – an exhilarating zipline and aerial adventure park. This unique attraction is located just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen and offers a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages.

The History of Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure was established in 2009 as a part of the Gisselfeld Kloster Estate. The estate is over 450 years old and boasts a rich cultural heritage. Camp Adventure was created to offer visitors a unique way to experience the forest and its surroundings while also promoting sustainable tourism.

Activities at Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure offers a variety of activities, including ziplining, treetop walks, and high rope courses. The zipline is the main attraction, spanning over 1000 meters and offering breathtaking views of the forest below. The treetop walk is a leisurely stroll above the forest floor, giving visitors a chance to see the flora and fauna up close. The high rope courses offer a thrilling challenge for visitors who want to test their limits.

The Zipline

The zipline at Camp Adventure is one of the longest in Europe, and it is undoubtedly the highlight of the park. The experience begins with a climb up a 45-meter tower, where visitors are greeted with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. From there, visitors are harnessed up and attached to the zipline, ready to soar through the trees.

As the zipline takes off, visitors can feel the rush of adrenaline as they fly over the treetops. The speed is exhilarating, and the view is simply breathtaking. The zipline lasts for several minutes, giving visitors plenty of time to take in the scenery.

The Treetop Walk

If the zipline is not your cup of tea, the treetop walk is a great alternative. The walk takes visitors on a leisurely stroll through the forest, high above the ground. The walkway is suspended between the trees, giving visitors a chance to see the forest from a unique perspective.

The walkway is over 600 meters long and offers several viewing platforms along the way. Visitors can stop and take in the view, snap some photos, or just enjoy the tranquility of the forest.

High Rope Courses

For visitors who want to test their limits, Camp Adventure offers several high rope courses. The courses vary in difficulty, from easy courses suitable for children to more challenging courses for adults.

The courses take visitors through the forest, high above the ground, and offer a thrilling challenge for those who dare to try them. The courses are designed to test balance, strength, and agility, and they offer a unique way to experience the forest.

The Forest Tower

One of the most unique features of Camp Adventure is the Forest Tower. This impressive structure stands at 45 meters tall and offers visitors stunning panoramic views of the surrounding forest and countryside.

The tower is accessible via a spiraling ramp that winds its way up the tower. As visitors climb, they can stop at several viewing platforms along the way, offering different perspectives of the forest and the surrounding landscape.

Once at the top, visitors are greeted with a 360-degree view that’s simply breathtaking. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the coastline and even catch a glimpse of Sweden in the distance.

The Forest Tower is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the forest and to appreciate its beauty from a different perspective. It’s a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Camp Adventure.

Sustainability at Camp Adventure

One of the unique aspects of Camp Adventure is its commitment to sustainable tourism. The park was designed to have minimal impact on the environment, and it operates with a focus on conservation and sustainability.

The park’s infrastructure was built using sustainable materials, and the park’s operations are powered by renewable energy. The park also operates a zero-waste policy, encouraging visitors to bring reusable bottles and containers.

Planning Your Visit

If you’re planning a visit to Camp Adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind. The park is open year-round, but the hours vary depending on the season. It’s best to check the park’s website before visiting to ensure that it’s open.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the park, and it’s recommended that visitors book in advance to avoid disappointment. The zipline and treetop walk can be busy during peak periods, so it’s best to arrive early in the day to avoid long queues.


Camp Adventure is a unique and thrilling attraction that offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. The zipline is undoubtedly

the highlight of the park, offering breathtaking views and an adrenaline rush that’s hard to beat. But the treetop walk and high rope courses offer their own unique thrills and challenges, making Camp Adventure a great destination for adventure-seekers.

What sets Camp Adventure apart is its commitment to sustainability. The park’s focus on conservation and its use of renewable energy and sustainable materials make it a great example of eco-tourism in action.

If you’re planning a trip to Denmark, be sure to add Camp Adventure to your itinerary. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of the Danish forest and get your adrenaline pumping at the same time.

It is number one on my top 10 Best Zipline and Aerial Adventure Parks in Denmark.

Learn more about Camp Adventure.

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